What is Difference Between Watts and Volts

Difference Between Watts and VoltsThe difference between watts and volts is explained here in detail. Volts and watts are related to each other. One watt is defined as the power required for one ampere of current to pass through a potential difference of one volt.

There are some specific differences between the two terms. This distinction between watts and volts in coordinating the two tabulations will help students to remember each topic better and to better understand the concepts in depth.

See the difference in watts and volts in tabular form below. In addition to recognizing the differences, students can also understand their situations in a simple and effective way. See the difference in volts and watts below.

Difference Between Watts and Volts

Sl. No. Differentiating Property Watts Volts
1 Basic Definition Watts is the SI unit of power (P). Volts is the SI unit of potential difference and EMF.
2 Explanation Watts specifies the rate at which energy is transferred. 1 volt is defined as the difference in electric potential across a wire when 1A current dissipates 1 watt of power across the wire.
3 Symbol W V
4 Formula One formula for watts is: 

W = Volts × Current

One formula for volts is: 

V = Potential Energy/ Charge

5 Base Unit Kgm2s-3 Kgm2A-1s-3
6 Measuring Device Watts can be measured by using a Power meter. Volts can be measured by using a Voltmeter.
7 Measurement Details Watts gives a more realistic measurement for Power. Volts describe a small portion of voltage from the power source.
8 Measurement Difficulty The reading taking of Watts is difficult since it requires both voltage and current quantities. The reading taking of Volts is very easy when compared to Watts.

This was the big difference between volts and watts. It’s important to be accurate in this distinction so that you can try any relevant questions on the physical exams as well. The difference and comparison of Watts and Volt can also help you understand these two concepts in a better way.

what is the difference between watts and volts and amps

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